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Bloom Sluggett Attorneys Receive 2022 Best Lawyers Honors

MI Lakes & Streams Assoc. files amicus brief with MI Supreme Court re: municipal ordinance enforcement

In Fraser Township v Haney, 327 Mich App 1 (2018), the Michigan Court of Appeals issued a surprising decision concluding that most municipal ordinance enforcement proceedings must be instituted within six years of a violation commencing. The Court held that a six year “hard” statute of limitations applies, regardless of whether the violation was continuing and even if the municipality was unaware of the infraction. Now that the Michigan Supreme Court has agreed to hear a further appeal of the case, Bloom Sluggett, PC has filed an amicus curiae brief supporting Fraser Township on behalf of the Michigan Lakes & Streams Association, Inc.

Another Short-Term Rental Case Decision in Michigan

On January 28, 2021, the Michigan Court of Appeals issued another short-term rental decision in Pigeon v Ashkay Island, LLC (unpublished decision; Case No. 351235; 2021 WL 299329).  Read More

Architectural control provisions upheld by MI Court of Appeals

Architectural control provisions and proceedings pursuant to deed restrictions upheld by the Michigan Court of Appeals
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Local Municipality Electric Franchise Authority

Pursuant to Article VII, Section 29 of the Michigan Constitution of 1963, local municipalities (including cites, villages and townships) have extensive authority over their roads, public rights-of-way and other public places, including the ability to require a franchise or comparable approval from utilities. While the Michigan Supreme Court in City of Taylor v Detroit Edison Company, 475 Mich 109 (2006) curtailed those powers, the recently published Michigan Court of Appeals decision in Upper Peninsula Power Company v Village of L’Anse, ____ Mich App ____, 2020 (decided on November 12, 2020; Case No. 349833; 2020 WL 6683062) makes it clear that the local municipal franchise authority is still significant. The power company has petitioned the Michigan Supreme Court for a further appeal.

Local artist commissioned for Bloom Sluggett offices

The offices of Bloom Sluggett are looking a little brighter after new artwork commissioned by the uber-talented Reb Roberts was installed. The bold colors and large scale design are signature of Reb's unique style, and the privilege of having a piece designed specifically for us makes it even more special.   Read More

Joint Upkeep Obligations for Landowners Along Private Roads

On October 22, 2020, the Michigan Court of Appeals addressed maintenance issues for private roads. In Bayberry Group, Inc. v. Crystal Beach Condominium Association ____ Mich App ___ (2020), the Court of Appeals held that the requirement to maintain a private road easement by those with ingress and egress rights is limited solely to the upkeep of the roadway itself, and does not extend to the entire right-of-way or easement area that may include landscaping, traffic signs, lighting, irrigation and curbs located beyond the roadway itself.   Read More

Best Law Firm Honors :: Municipal Law in Grand Rapids

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Bloom Sluggett Welcomes Paralegal Tonya Voakes

Bloom Sluggett, PC is proud to announce that Tonya Voakes has joined our firm as a paralegal. Prior to coming to Bloom Sluggett, PC, Tonya served as a paralegal with the Grand Rapids City Attorney’s Office, and before that, with a large Grand Rapids law firm.    Read More

Exciting news as two Grand Rapids municipal attorneys receive Best Lawyers honors

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