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Legislative Alert - Two Notable Bills Headed to Governor's Desk

Two pieces of legislation are headed to the desk of the Governor and, if signed, could impact Michigan’s municipalities.


Senate Bill 953 would amend Michigan’s Highway Advertising Act to allow public school properties located adjacent to Michigan highways to apply for permits to construct billboards for commercial purposes.  The effect of the amendments would be to preempt municipal zoning powers over public school properties in areas adjacent to highways, preventing a local government corporation from regulating billboard advertising on public school properties.


House Bill 5113 would amend Public Act 178 of 1939, governing municipal water liens.  Under Michigan law, a municipality that operates a water or sewage system has as security for the collection of water and sewer fees the authority to place a lien upon delinquent properties.  The bill would extend the enforceable period of the lien against property served by the water and sewage system from three years to five years.
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